Subscription & Donation Made

It’s a simple subscription model, donate $10/Month to help pay for the Islamic burial service of a brother or sister who’s family can’t afford the burial service.

Please subscribe to helps us achieve our goal and assist those families in need. Your donation will only be spent for Funeral and Burial Services.

You can also Zelle the donation at

All employees volunteer at Fund Muslim Funeral LLC and no one is paid a single penny from the donations collected.

We work with local Mosque’s and Burial services in providing funds needed to give proper Islamic Burial to one of our brother and sister.

DateAmount DonatedOrganizationServices
1/27/2023 $                        1,000.00 Amma CemeteryFuneral
1/17/2023 $                           700.00 Masjid MadinahFuneral
1/25/2022 $                        1,000.00 Masjid e MadinahFuneral
1/15/2022 $                           500.00 Masjid e MadinahFuneral
4/1/2022 $                           500.00 Masjid e MadinahFuneral

جزاكلله خير